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FIFA 17 Web App explained - trading, rewards, and how to use it

Where to find and how to best use the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Web App.

If you've taken even a passing interest in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team this year, chances are you'll have come across someone discussing the Web App.

Different from a standard mobile companion app the FIFA 17 Web App is essentially a complete reconstruction of the Ultimate Team section in FIFA 17, barring the actual matches themselves.

The long and short of it is you can buy and sell on the transfer market, build and edit your squads, manage your club and more, from the comfort of your own home (and definitely not from work, of course. Who would do that?!).

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Here, we'll take you through exactly how we think you can use it best.

We missed this one, but there are some absolute bargains to be found in the Transfer Market, for which the Web App is a real help.

What can you do in the FIFA 17 Web App? Tips on rewards, trading, transfers and more

The FIFA 17 Web App initially opened ahead of the FIFA 17 launch in a period known as Webstart, which allowed players to get a head start on the transfer market and Ultimate Team mode before the majority of fans gained access. You can access it from the EA site here, which we recommend bookmarking for ease of use if you expect to return often.

Sadly that initial Webstart period's over, which means there's no more easy money to be made in buying up cheap cards before the market kicks off. Instead, the Web App now serves as a means for you to keep an eye on the transfer market wherever you have access to a computer, along with letting you plan and alter your squads and pick up a few rewards too.

The rewards - which are granted once per day for signing into the Web App - are running for a vaguely defined period of time after FIFA 17's launch. As of writing, rewards have moved down from 1000 coins for signing in each day to 500 coins, which we'd expect to be the standard now until the offer ends. Best to make a point of signing in now - and once again each day - to claim what rewards you can before that offer ends.

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Otherwise, there are a few things worth bearing in mind for getting the most out of the FIFA 17 Web App:

  • Use the Transfer Market - Arguably the most important part, the Web App allows you to buy, sell, watch and track the FUT Transfer Market as if you were in-game. It's particularly useful for sniping, as scrolling to the 59th minute or continuously refreshing a search is much faster on the Web App than in-game thanks to snappier menus and the rather handy addition of a mouse and keyboard.
  • Take advantage of access during quiet periods - Still on transfers, you'll often find it far easier to snipe players off the market in ther 59th minute at a quiet period in the mid-morning than you would at 7pm on a weeknight. That's because, quite simply, there are far fewer players playing FIFA at certain times of day. Pick your times carefully, and you can make some serious coin on the Web App Transfer Market that you'd miss out on otherwise, simply by avoiding the rush.
  • Manage your Squad in advance - You can completely edit your matchday squad from the Squads tab in the Web App, which can be a real help for setting up your players, Chemistry Styles, Team Chemistry and general tactics ahead of your next game. The app's much faster than the somewhat sluggish FIFA 17 menus, so this can be a real time-saver if you're eager to get cracking as soon as you get back to your console. We also found it a far easier visualisation tool than the in-game version, simply because of the added ease-of-use and responsiveness that you'll find using the menu on a PC.
  • Earn rewards - Finally, you can of course earn rewards simply for logging into the Web App in the first few weeks of launch. Your total coin rewards will quickly rack up into the thousands after a few days of logging in, so it's worth a few moments of your time every day, even if that's all you do. Bearing in mind how easy it is to multiply your coins once you have them - we explain the quickest ways to earn coins in our guide on the subject - we can't recommend this highly enough, especially for new players who need a head start.

The Web App's a simple thing - it essentially just replicates the Ultimate Team homepage for you on a computer - but the benefits can be pretty high in terms of time saved and coins earned, for doing little more than you would in Ultimate Team anyway.

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