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OnRush developer promises big August update despite studio layoffs

Back into gear.

Beleaguered racer OnRush will gain a big update at the start of August, publisher Codemasters has promised in an apparent bid to reassure fans after word of this week's layoffs.

On Monday, Eurogamer broke word that a number of staff had been let go from the OnRush team - including the game's director, Paul "Rushy" Rustchynksky - after disappointing sales.

In a statement to Eurogamer at the time, Codemasters promised that OnRush's post-launch content would not be affected by the job cuts - something which today's news backs up.

While not acknowledging the layoffs, the statement promises more content in early August - which is now less than a week away. It also nods to a fan-favourite request being finally realised in-game - something which we'd bet to be the much-wanted Ranked mode.

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