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OnLive to launch in UK this Autumn

New universal controller to widen reach.

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Cloud gaming platform OnLive finally arrives in the UK this Autumn, more than a year after its US launch last June.

The ambitious on-demand streaming service will start accepting founding member sign-ups from 8.00pm on 7th June. Roll-outs in other countries are expected to follow soon after the UK launch.

A universal wireless controller is also set to be unveiled at E3 next week, aimed at broadening the service's reach. Using the PC and Mac-friendly pad, you'll technically be able to play games on keyboard-free devices such as tablets, TVs and even smartphones.

Not only that, but as of 7th June users will also be able to launch games directly from Facebook, post Brag Clips videos to their wall or allow friends to spectate in high definition.

OnLive has also announced it's teaming up with Intel to offer support for 10s of millions of devices powered by Intel embedded processors - including TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes.

"In just one year, OnLive's offerings have advanced more rapidly and in more dimensions than any new game platform in history, while maintaining rock-solid reliability," commented CEO and founder Steve Perlman.

"OnLive's cloud gaming technology allows OnLive and its partners to move at an unprecedented pace with a scope of new offerings that is simply not possible with traditional videogame technology. The best is yet to come."

As of the release of Red Faction: Armageddon next week, there will be 100 titles available for play on the service.

Disney Interactive has just announced it will be releasing games through the platform, starting with racers Pure and Split/Second.

For more insight into how OnLive works and whether it fulfills its promise of lag-free cloud gaming, take a look at Digital Foundry's in-depth report published following the system's US launch last year.

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