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One man created this gorgeous RTS somehow

Meridian: New World debuts gameplay.

Meridian: New World is one of the more polished looking real-time strategy games on the horizon - and shockingly, it's being made by one man.

Ede Tarsoly's single-person studio Elder Games has been working on Meridian: New World for a couple of years now and it's amazingly far along. In fact, it will be playable at Gamescom later this month and it's already attracted a publisher, Headup Games, who brought retail versions of such PC titles as The Binding of Isaac and Limbo to Germany.

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Meridian: New World will be a rather story intensive game for an RTS, with many dialogue choices that influence the narrative as your commander and settlers attempt an expedition onto a mysterious planet. You'll be able to level up your commander with various combat abilities, outfit your units with 15 different weapons, and influence your crew's behaviour by talking with them.

Additionally, there will be a level editor and scripting tool so dedicated users can craft their own campaigns, and Tarsoly noted that he'll frequently supply more official maps after launch.

No release date has been announced for Meridian: New World, but Headup has said it's "coming soon" to PC. In the meantime, check out the fruits of Tarsoly's labour in the glorious debut trailer above.

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