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Octane's taken over a town in the leaked Apex Legends event trailer

Adrenaline junkieyard.

It wouldn't be Apex Legends without a leak, and although the game's Iron Crown Collection Event (with a limited time solos mode) is mere hours away, the teaser trailer has still managed to surface early. From an Nvidia Twitter account, of all things.

If you were hoping for a bunch of snazzy new skins, you're in luck, as the trailer shows off a range of collection skins for you to earn: including "Judge Jury Executioner" for Lifeline, "Captain Bamboozle" for Mirage and "The Warrior Empress" for Wattson, along with some kind of winged skin for Gibraltar. Lifeline looks fierce as hell.

Along with the skins, there's the fairly predictable (but welcome) news of a bonus XP weekend, event-specific challenges and new loot. This includes some ultra rare heirloom items for Bloodhound, meaning we'll have plenty of new loot box opening videos from streamers trying to get that axe. Hoorah.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the reveal of the "Town Takeover" map change, in which Octane appears to have redecorated the settlement near Thunderdome. There's now a load of ramps, green flags, jump pads and a flaming hoop: so now there's two rings you can get burned by.

It's unclear whether the the town takeover is just a map change or a complete game mode, but players previously found something called the "Octane Fire Ring" in the files which promised higher-tier loot. In any case, it ties in quite nicely with the latest bit of Apex lore. Last night Respawn released a small story update featuring a text conversation between Lifeline (Ajay) and Octane, and man, the adrenaline junkie really is a spoilt hedge fund boy.

You've got from today until Tuesday 27th August to make the most of the event and solos mode, meaning you can now be more introverted than ever. Well, for two weeks at least.

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