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Obsidian's next RPG Tyranny gets a release date

Will it hit despot?

Obsidian's upcoming RPG Tyranny is slated for a 10th November release on PC, Mac and Linux.

Pre-orders are now live at publisher Paradox's official site with the core game costing $44.99.

There are fancier versions like the $59.99 Archon Edition that includes the original soundtrack, a high-resolution digital map, exclusive coat of arms, wallpapers, ringtones, and a short story collection.

The $79.99 Overlord Edition includes the same along with a digital artbook and digital collector's guide.

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Tyranny put players in the role of a high-ranking official for an evil overlord who has already seized control of the land. It's your job to set up a new world order by inspiring fear or loyalty into your subjects.

Obsidian has promised a dynamic storyline where your decisions drastically impact the shape of the game's world and narrative. There will also be real-time party-based combat.

For more on Tyranny, our Chris Bratt took a look at it back in March.

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