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Nvidia Shield playable at Eurogamer Expo 2013

See how well PC games stream to the ambitious new handheld.

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If you read Digital Foundry's Nvidia Shield review yesterday then you already know that it's one of the best Android gaming devices that our resident Blacksmith of the Future has ever laid eyes on.

However, while it's available in the US, there's currently no sign of it in Europe, with Nvidia merely stating that it will be out "later". Well, duh.

If you fancy getting a look at it, though, then there is one place in Europe you can do that, and would you believe that it is this year's Eurogamer Expo, taking place 26th-29th September at Earls Court in London? Because you better believe it.

Nvidia can't say which PC titles will be showcased on the Shield units at the Expo yet, but attendees will be able to play with the units and experience Android games on them as well as full PC games streamed to the device.

As Digital Foundry noted, this is one of the more impressive aspects of the Shield - you can sit in another room and play stuff like BioShock Infinite on a handheld and controller lag is about the same as a 30fps console game.

Some tickets for the Eurogamer Expo are still available for Thursday 26th and Friday 27th, but the show is mostly sold out now, so if you want to come then you know what to do. As well as the Shield, we have playable PlayStation 4 and absolutely tons of games, and will have more announcements - including developer sessions - coming soon.

Full disclosure: As you've probably noticed, the Eurogamer Expo is owned and operated by Gamer Network, which publishes Editorial staff are involved in the curation of the event, but nothing commercial. You can view our policies governing such things if you want more details.

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