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Nurgle looks like the reason for me to play Total War Warhammer 3

Absolute filth.

I am, dear reader, a big fan of Nurgle. It's an odd thing to be a fan of. The putrid Chaos faction is quite possibly the most disgusting thing in all of fantasy, but when it comes to Warhammer, disgusting can be cool. Sort of.

This week, developer Creative Assembly released a cinematic trailer for upcoming strategy game Total War: Warhammer 3, and it showcased Nurgle in all its puss-packed glory. I must say it's just about the best Nurgle has looked in any video game ever.

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Creative Assembly, which has form when it comes to making stunning Total War cinematic trailers, has nailed the relentlessness of Nurgle, the sense of inevitable doom as plague and pestilence sweeps across the battlefield. If you don't rot just by looking at what's coming at you, you'll live long enough to see your flesh slip off your bones and your eyes burst out of your head. Like I said, disgusting.

In a follow-up blog post, Creative Assembly dished the dirt on Nurgle's roster of units. Ku'gath, the Plaguefather, is the Nurgle legendary lord. This Great Unclean One is all sorts of horrible, working on new contagions that may one day infect the Gods. Here's how he looks:

In a fight, Ku'gath chucks explosive Nurglings across half the map that detonate in enemies' ranks. Yum.

Meanwhile, I've got a soft spot for the Plague Toads of Nurgle. These "toad-like bags of brackish filth and pus" can swallow a man whole. I can't imagine a worse fate.

So far, so very good. I think Creative Assembly has done a wonderful job of capturing that twisted yet happy-go-lucky side of Nurgle, without descending into adults-only gore territory. You perhaps won't see intestines all over the shop, but that Nurgle atmosphere is right there.

Chris Tapsell went hands-on with Total War: Warhammer 3's fiery new survival battles back in May. Check it out if you want to know more about the game. Total War: Warhammer 3 launches on 17th February via Steam, Epic Games Store and more - or you'll be able to play it day one via Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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