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No PS3 Child of Eden until September?

Ubisoft working on Move support.

Child of Eden, Tetsuya Mizuguchi's forthcoming synaesthetic shooter, will launch on PlayStation 3 in September, according to IGN.

As revealed last month, the Xbox 360 version is still due on 17th June, but Ubisoft is reportedly still working on the PlayStation 3 version, hence the delay. It's "expected" that the game will include Move support.

Eurogamer's Keza MacDonald sat down with Rez-creator Mizguchi last week to discuss the game's development.

"It's like a spiritual sequel to Rez, definitely," he explained, "but I wanted to have much more organic feel, not only digital, techno. I made it like a drama, a story, an emotional setting – it has songs, lyrics, words."