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No need for Star Fox 3DS tilt-control?

Nintendo decides against online play.

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Swaying while playing not your cup of tea? Aerial shooter re-make Star Fox 64 3D has an "N64 Mode". Hate buttons? A "3DS Mode" is present and correct, too.

Nintendo spilled new Star Fox details today at a retailers meeting in Japan. One attendee promptly posted the lot on Twitter, (translated by Andriasang.

"3DS Mode" has the previously announced tilt-sensing controls, allowing players to fly the game's Arwing starship via the 3DS' gyro sensors. Presumably that extends to the ground-based Landmaster Tank.

"Battle Mode" contains the packages' third play method. It's a multiplayer offering with support for four people. Not all players need the game to join in, but battles are restricted to local multiplayer.

Nintendo has shot down hope of online play. The game will not support the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection at all.

Your face will be shown as an icon during combat to make sure you don't blast your mates. Or so you can aim for them.

Star Fox 64 3D launches in Japan on 14th July. It'll fly into Europe before the end of 2011.

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