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Mario Kart 3DS release confirmed for 2011

Star Fox 64 remake, Flipnote Studio also due.

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Mario Kart 3DS goes on sale before the end of the year, Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed.

Nintendo's creative mastermind made the announcement at a French press event late last week, as reported by VG247.

Miyamoto didn't offer any more insight into what new features Nintendo is adding to the long-running racing franchise but did offer a few updates on a number of other 3DS titles.

He confirmed that the remake of Star Fox 64 is finished and has gyroscope support, which "gives a new dimension to the game."

Also confirmed was a 3DS version of DSiWare favourite Flipnote Studio. The DIY animation download will apparently be making an appearance on the eStore and, as with the original release, it will be free of charge.

Nintendo sure is lining up some heavy hitters for the 3DS following its relatively low profile launch line-up. Last week, Miyamoto confirmed that Super Mario 3DS would also be arriving before the year is out, while Ocarina of Time 3DS is due out in June.

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