Super Mario 3D Land


The best 3DS games

Our picks from the Nintendo handheld's excellent library.

Mario, Layton offered free to 3DS XL owners

Register your handheld to download one of five titles.

The best 3DS games

Our picks from the Nintendo handheld's excellent library.

Mario, Layton offered free to 3DS XL owners

Register your handheld to download one of five titles.

This blatant Super Mario iOS clone doesn't look that super

Meet the totally original 3D Cartoon Land: Safari.

Nintendo: there's no danger of creating too many Mario games

"Every edition in the series is foundationally sound."

Video | Kim Cattrall promotes Super Mario 3D Land

Nintendo ropes in Sex in the City star.

Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita UK sales slower than predecessors'

Vita managed less than a third of PSP sales in first 10 weeks.

Nintendo 3DS sales top 17.13 million

Japanese firm posts first ever annual loss.

Nintendo registers Super Mario 4 domain

Toad you they'd make another one.

Sainsbury's increases new game stock, launches sale

"Customers can be assured they can get the most popular games from us."

Nintendo reveals rejected Super Mario 3D Land ideas

Pro Skater Mario with cockroaches, anyone?

3DS sells twice as many as DS did in its first year in the US

"We're just getting started but this platform is built for the long haul."

Nintendo 3DS sets new Japan sales record

Sells 5m units faster than any console.

3DS Ambassador Super Mario Bros. game updated

Nintendo spoils us, adds Suspend Points.

Nintendo hints at paid Super Mario 3D Land DLC

New levels would lengthen its shelf life, "give us new profits".

Super Mario 3D Land first 3DS game to sell over 5m

Nintendo reveals 3DS game sales figures.

Iwata: Nintendo "proved" handheld naysayers were wrong

3DS fastest-selling console ever in Japan.

Ice White, Coral Pink 3DS price hiked

For separate, non-bundle launch.

Vita beaten by PSP for second week running

Sony handheld fourth in Japanese hardware charts.

Japanese games market shrunk 8% in 2011 despite 3DS launch

Mario Land, Mario Kart best-selling games.

3DS sells more in first 9 months than Wii did

Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 set franchise records.

Sky airs 3D gaming show

Eurogamer's very own Johnny Minkley presents.

Miyamoto: I'm healthy and don't plan to retire any time soon

But admits he would like to spend more time on small ideas.

UK shops: 3DS Christmas stock will meet demand

Despite "sharp increase" in sales.

Nintendo legend Miyamoto retiring from current position

UPDATE: Nintendo issues new denial, explains position.

Nintendo giving away 3D Classics: Kid Icarus free

If you register two 3DS games this Christmas..

Super Mario 3D Land is fastest selling portable Mario ever

Skyward Sword smashes US sales records too.

Nintendo: 3DS will recreate Brain Age success

Mass market software range coming next year.

UK Top 40: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 denies Assassin's Creed

Saint's Row 4th, Zelda 7th, Need for Speed 11th.

Nintendo responds to PETA Mario pro-fur claim

Transformations make Mario "fun to play".

PETA: Mario is pro-fur

Claims Tanooki Suit sends out the wrong message.

Video | Super Mario 3D Land launch trailer

Nintendo mascot lands on 3DS next week.

Fils-Aime: 3DS launch "lessons learned" for Wii U

Software line-up blamed for poor hardware sales.

Japan chart: Super Mario 3D Land inspires huge 3DS sales surge

Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3 also do big numbers.

Video | Zelda-inspired Super Mario 3D Land footage

Nintendo nod to Zelda's top-down past.

3DS firmware update adds join friends option

Included on Japanese Super Mario 3D Land cart.

Nintendo: Super Mario 3D Land is "like a hamburger"

Whereas Galaxy 2 was an "imperial feast".

"For Nintendo, yes, things really are that bad" - analysts

Do plummeting bottom-lines heap pressure on Wii U?

Nintendo blames 3DS price-cut for "huge loss"

Needs "new genres" like Brain Training, Wii Fit.

Nintendo loss big but not gargantuan

Plus: revised lifetime hardware sales.

3DS worldwide sales total 6.68 million

Higher than DS in same timeframe.

Super Mario 3D Land has SMB3 "at its core"

Miyamoto reveals his contribution to 3DS title.

Nintendo expected to report gargantuan loss

Strong yen and slow 3DS sales to blame.

Ice White, Coral Pink 3DS pictures

18th Nov with Mario Land, Nintendogs respectively.

Ice White, Coral Pink 3DS bundles announced

UPDATE: Ice White bundle date pushed back.

Video | More Super Mario 3D Land footage

Nintendo throwing in Boomerang Mario.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Why the 3DS Won't Die

Why Nintendo never Bowser under pressure.

Feature | Super Mario 3D Land

Mushroom for improvement?

Feature | EG Expo Game of the Show: The Nominees

10 contenders from the Earls Court show floor.

Video | Latest Super Mario 3D Land trailer

Blocks! Boos! Bowser with a raccoon tail!

Iwata: Nintendo won't make mobile games

But Nintendo would make "profits" if it did.

European Mario Kart 7 release date

Super Mario 3D Land scheduled, too.

New Super Mario 3D Land screens

World map! Power ups! Retro sections!

How to get your 3DS Ambassador games

10 free NES titles in Europe now.

Nintendo preps huge 3DS overhaul: report

Dual analogue, re-branding planned?

3DS, PS3 price-cuts see US sales soar

GameStop notes "significant accelaration".

3DS price cut sees Japanese sales soar

Best week since system's launch.

Nintendo reveals huge EG Expo roster

Mario! Zelda! Metal Gear! Resi!

3DS Ambassador entry still possible

With a till reciept from before today.

UK Nintendo 3DS price cut roundup

Updated with today's deals.

3DS price cut war: £115 at Tesco

All games £25 at Morrisons.

Nintendo plans paid DLC for 3DS, Wii U

Fancy some new Link costumes?

Nintendo boss blames himself for 3DS woe

Iwata: "I feel greatly accountable."

Nintendo stock plummets 12 per cent

Yamauchi loses half a billion dollars.

UK 3DS price to be £150-£155 - analyst

HMV will "pass on" discount to shoppers.

Super Mario, Mario Kart 3DS re-named

Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7.

EU 3DS price cut by "around a third"

20 free games offered to early adopters.

Nintendo: Mario has forgotten his roots

3DS title will return to "core experience".

Zelda level in Super Mario 3DS

Top-down homage to Link.

Video | Super Mario 3DS E3 trailer in HD

Did we mention Raccoon Mario?

Miyamoto explains why Mario is chubby

"Not because I wanted to make him cute."

Nintendo E3 press conference date

Wii 2/Project Cafe reveal a month away.

Mario Kart 3DS release confirmed for 2011

Star Fox 64 remake, Flipnote Studio also due.

Super Mario 3DS due out this year?

Miyamoto certainly hopes so.