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No Man's Sky Salvaged Data - How to find and use Salvaged Data explained

How to use Salvaged Data to unlock new technologies, including the Nutrient Processor, in No Man's Sky Beyond.

Salvaged Data is an important resource in No Man's Sky, allowing you to unlock new structures and technologies from the Construction Research Unit.

Collecting Salvage Data is the key to many of the new features Beyond introduced into the No Man's Sky universe, such as the ability to ride animals and powering your base with Electrical Wiring.

Here we'll teach you how to find and use Salvaged Data to receive blueprints for new technologies.

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How to find Salvaged Data in No Man's Sky

You can find Salvaged Data by uncovering the Buried Technology, which is hidden underground on the planets you visit.

To find some Buried Technology, turn on your Analysis Visor and scan your surroundings.

The icon you're looking for is a downwards pointing arrow, with a wi-fi like symbol on it. Hovering over the icon will inform you that it's a Buried Technology Module and how far you are from it.

Tag the Buried Technology Module and travel to the location.

Once there, use your Terrain Manipulator to uncover the Technology Module and retrieve the Salvaged Data inside.

Each Technology Module will reward you with between 1 to 4 pieces of Salvaged Data.

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What is Salvaged Data used for in No Man's Sky?

Salvaged Data is used to unlock blueprints for new technologies and structures from the Construction Research Unit.

This could be anything from Wooden Arches for your base to receiving the ability to build a Nutrient Processor, which will allow you to tame and ride animals.

Once you've unlocked a blueprint, it's yours forever.

Each blueprint costs a different amount of Salvaged Data.

The more complex the technology, the more Salvaged Data it will cost. The Nutrient Processor, for example, costs 10 Salvaged Data to unlock.

It's worth investigating all the different options available on the Construction Research Unit. This will allow you to decide which technologies or structures you want to unlock and plan your archaeology digs, so that you have all the Salvaged Data you need.