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No Man's Sky ship repairs - Hermetic Seal, Pure Ferrite, Di-hydrogen Jelly and Metal Plating explained

How to repair your ship and reach the stars in No Man's Sky Beyond.

To explore the cosmos in No Man's Sky Beyond, you must first repair your ship.

If you want to reach the stars, then you'll have to find a variety of items, including Pure Ferrite, a Hermetic Seal, Di-hydrogen Jelly and Metal Plating.

Here we'll explain how to find all these items, so that you can properly repair your ship and venture into the stars. We'll also tell you have to recharge your Hazard Protection, so that your cosmic journey doesn't end up being rather short.

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How to repair your Scanner in No Man's Sky

Before you can repair your ship, you need to find it. To do this you must fix your Scanner by collection 75 Ferrite Dust.

Ferrite Dust can be easily found by destroying by rocks, big and small, using your Multi-Tool's mining beam.

You're going to be collecting a lot of Ferrite Dust.

Once you have 75 Ferrite Dust, open your Multi-Tool inventory and select the Scanner to repair it.

How to recharge your Hazard Protection in No Man's Sky

Never expect a planet in No Man's Sky to be hospitable. It could be anything from a toxic atmosphere to extreme heat levels; either way, you're need to protect yourself from the environmental hazards that plague the planet.

Use your Scanner to find the 10 Sodium you need to recharge your exosuit's Hazard Protection.

Once you've collected enough Sodium, open your exosuit inventory and select Hazard Protection.

Remember to recharge your Hazard Protection regularly, as the levels will slowly decrease as you explore the planet.

What you need to repair your ship in No Man's Sky

If you want to explore the stars, then you need to repair the broken Pulse Engine and Launch Thruster of what, through the rules of finders keepers, is now your ship.

To repair the Pulse Engine you need:

  • 1 - Hermetic Seal
  • 1 - Metal Plating
Pulse Engine repairs list.

To repair the Launch Thruster you need:

  • 50 - Pure Ferrite
  • 1 - Di-hydrogen Jelly
Launch Thruster repairs list.

How to get the Metal Plating and Hermetic Seal to repair the Pulse Engine in No Man's Sky

With your ship located, you can now get to work repairing it. First on the repairs list is the Pulse Engine.

Crafting the Metal Plating

Creating the Metal Plating for the Pulse Engine is easy. All you have to do is collect 50 Ferrite Dust from the rocks you can find surrounding your ship.

When you have enough you can craft the Metal Plating in your inventory and add it to your ship.

You can craft Metal Plating and other objects in your Inventory.

Finding the Hermetic Seal

Finding the Hermetic Seal, however, is a little more difficult.

Once you've replaced the Metal Plating, jump into your ship's cockpit and you'll be prompted to open the nearby Distress Beacon.

Inside this Distress Beacon, you'll find a Planetary Chart. Open your inventory and use the Planetary Chart to plot a route to the location of the Hermetic Seal.

Search the Distress Beacon to find the Planetary Chart.

During your journey to this location, you may experience some dangerous weather related to the world's environmental hazard, such as a firestorm. If this happens you can either shetler in a nearby cave or building, or recharge your Hazard Protection.

You will eventually reach an abandoned outpost. Head to the building that has been highlighted by the Planetary Chart and activate the Holo-Archive you find inside to receive the Hermetic Seal.

Head inside the outpost to find the Hermetic Seal.

Leaving the outpost, you'll need to use your Analysis Visor to locate your ship. Open your inventory, select an empty slot on your Multi-tool and then the Analysis Visor to begin the installation.

Next you need to gather 50 Carbon by using your Multi-tool on nearby trees and plants. You can then craft the Carbon Nanotubes you need for the visor, just like how you gathered the Metal Plating.

Return to the Multi-tool in your inventory and install the Analysis Visor, which you can use to analyse objects (what a surprise) and track a route back to your ship.

When you reach your ship, you can add the Hermetic Seal to the Pulse Engine to finish repairing it.

How to get Di-hydrogen Jelly and Pure Ferrite to repair the Launch Thruster in No Man's Sky

Now that you've fixed the Pulse Engine, it's time to repair the Launch Thrusters, so that you can ascend into space.

Crafting Di-hydrogen Jelly

You're going to need 40 Di-hydrogen to craft a Di-hydrogen Jelly. Use your scanner to find the nearest source of Di-hydrogen and get that mining beam working.

What our source of Di-hydrogen looked like.

Once you've collected 40 Di-hydrogen, you can craft the Di-hydrogen Jelly in your inventory.

Return to your ship to add it to the Launch Thruster.

Creating Pure Ferrite

Creating Pure Ferrite sees you collecting Ferrite Dust again.

While you'll be prompted to only collect 50 Ferrite Dust, you'll save time later on if you collect 100 Ferrite Dust. Once you've gathered all the dust, it's time to build a Portable Refinier.

Step one in Portable Refinery construction is to craft another piece of Metal Plating. Step two is gathering 30 Oxygen from the surrounding plants or animals.

Use that precious Oxygen to fuel the Portable Refinery.

Open the Build Menu and the Portable Refiner should be the first option available to you. Place the Portable Refiner nearby and then collect Carbon from nearby plants to fuel it.

You should already have the 50 Ferrite Dust you need - if not, it's Ferrite Dust collection time again.

Place the Ferrite Dust into the Input section of the Portable Refiner, then sit back and watch it become Pure Ferrite.

Take your new stash of Pure Ferrite out of your Portable Refiner and head back to your ship to finish repairing the Launch Thrusters.

With the Launch Thruster fixed, its time to reach for the stars.

Finally pick up your Portable Refiner and jump into your ship, so you can start exploring the galaxy.

Important things to remember in No Man's Sky

Here are some tips that will help you enjoy, and survive, No Man's Sky:

  • Make sure you stock up on supplies before heading to the next planet. Since every planet in No Man's sky is unique, there's never a guarantee that where you land will have the resources you need to survive. For this reason, you should always make sure you have gathered some supplies before heading off world.
  • Don't forget about oxygen! You need to oxygen to fuel your Life Support and without that your space adventure may never get off the ground. Oxygen can be found by destroying plants or by killing the local wildlife.
You can always punch the Carbon out of plants.
  • Keep an eye on your mining beams charge. Your mining beam runs on carbon and will stop working if you don't refuel it. Carbon can be easily found by destroying trees and plants, so you can easily replenish your stock. You do have a melee attack that you can use to destroy plants, if you do run out of carbon.
  • Don't leave your machines behind. If you haven't built yourself a base yet, then always make sure you pick up any machine, like a Portable Refiner, after you use it. You don't want to fly to the next planet, only to realise that you've left an important tool behind.

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