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No left-handed mode in Skyward Sword

Southpaws will have to make do.

Nintendo's incoming motion-controlled epic The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword does not feature a left-handed mode, the publisher has confirmed to Kotaku.

This could cause lefties a few issues as the MotionPlus-enabled game demands rather more precision from your sword swipes than the more primitive Twilight Princess did back in 2006.

The games sees Link wielding his sword in his right hand, matching the gestures the player makes with the Wii Remote.

Left-handers can of course hold the Remote in their left hand regardelss but that's hardly intuitive when viewing the action on-screen. The other option means potentially awkward sword flailing with your less dextrous arm.

There had been suggestions that Nintendo planned to offer a left-handed mode in which Link holds his sword in his left hand - just as he traditioally did in earlier Zelda titles - but that clearly hasn't materialised.

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