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No internet link needed for Witcher 2

No DRM or censorship for RPG sequel.

A permanent internet connection will not be necessary to play forthcoming PC RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, developer CD Projekt has revealed.

The announcement came during the CDP Conference in Warsaw, as Tweeted on the official game feed.

You will need a one-time net connection when you get started to confirm you have "a legit copy of the game" but after that you can play internet-free.

The developer also confirmed that the game will be available without any other digital rights management measures through the portal, and there'll be no censorship either – there's one version of the game available worldwide.

CD Projekt has long since been an outspoken critic of DRM in PC games, earlier this year claiming it treated gamers like "criminals" and "didn't work".

"With a lot of protections you have to be online," explained CEO Marcin Iwiński. "You have to be connected constantly or you cannot play.

"I know the internet is everywhere, but if you go on holiday and you have a laptop and you don't have an internet connection, it means you cannot play your games. I think it's not fair."

The follow-up to its solid 2007 effort arrives on PC from 17th May.