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No Halo Wars for PC, says Microsoft

At this time, etc.

Microsoft has denied a report that it is developing a PC version of Halo Wars.

Happy sounding bloggers at Angry Pixel yesterday declared that the game is "also apparently in development for the PC", describing the source as "someone on the inside".

Not only that, said Angry Pixel, but the game would then support cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox 360 and PC versions, a bit like Shadowrun except, hopefully, not like Shadowrun.

Except Microsoft told IGN it's not true. "Halo Wars is being developed from the bottom up for the Xbox 360 and its control scheme to ensure that we deliver a groundbreaking console RTS experience," a spokesperson said not at all confusingly.

"Given that, we have no plans to develop Halo Wars for Windows Vista at this time."

It's almost as though Microsoft is commenting on rumour and speculation.

Angry Pixel, however, doesn't believe them. "I remember all too well how Microsoft vehemently kept putting down the Gears of War PC rumour and we all know how that one turned out. Nah, we'll just play the waiting game until Microsoft contradicts themselves yet another time and confirm this a couple of months down the line."

Check out our Halo Wars gamepage for shots and trailers of the Ensemble Studios-developed Xbox 360 game.

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