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No Euro Hellgate special edition

Can always import.

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Flagship has said us Europeans will not be treated to a Collector's Edition of Hellgate: London.

Instead, those of you after the package containing special artwork, a graphic novel, soundtrack, "Making of" DVD and in-game pet the Mantawraith will have to import it from the US, where it costs about USD 59.99.

UK folks also have no local retailers participating in the pre-order campaign, which varies from shop to shop and offers in-game dyes for armour, beta access and an opportunity to become a founder by forking for a lifetime subscription to the MMO-style multiplayer mode.

But, you will get access to all the treats if you buy your copy from one of the participating shops outside of the UK.

Hellgate: London is due for release on 2nd November. Head over to our Hellgate: London gamepage for lots more information.

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