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Nintendo's next big mobile game is coming to Android first

Fire Emblem Heroes out on February 2nd.

Nintendo's next big mobile game is leading on Android, with Fire Emblem Heroes coming out on the platform on February 2nd before heading to iOS devices at an unspecified later date.

Fire Emblem Heroes follows quickly from Super Mario Run - which debuted last year on Apple's own hardware first - and sees the long-running tactical RPG series debuting on mobile as a free-to-play game with 'gacha' style monetisation whereby players can pump in currency to gain a chance to unlock new characters.

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The series grid-based gameplay seems to have found a great fit on mobile, with maps taking place on small 6x8 grids that promise relatively quick-fire scraps. Fire Emblem Heroes also features stars from across the series' history - though if you want to unlock your favourites, you'll likely be looking at investing a fair amount of money into the game.

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