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Nintendo to launch updated Switch next year - report

Hmm, upgrades.

Nintendo will launch an updated version of the Switch in 2019, according to a Wall St Journal report.

There's no firm detail on what this will entail, however - the article [paywall] simply mentions a "brighter, thinner" screen as one of several possible options. As for a release date, a broad summer to late 2019 release window is apparently on the cards.

An earlier Wall St Journal article [paywall] from March this year stated the opposite - that Nintendo was "holding off on Switch 2.0" to make money on peripherals instead. But after several years on sale, a refresh for Nintendo's console is hardly surprising - especially after a noticeably quieter year for Switch following the console's meteoric launch.

Back in March, Digital Foundry put together its thoughts for what Nintendo may target in the inevitable Switch 2.0 model to boost the console's power and improve the look of existing games.

Eurogamer sources have previously heard rumblings of far-off plans for a Switch upgrade. Today, those rumblings still sound far-off, with little details set in tone. Indeed, Wall St Journal's report states Nintendo is still to decide what features it will set out to improve. Well, Nintendo, if you're short of ideas...

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