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Nintendo Switch successor reportedly due late 2024

Another hybrid console expected.

Mario, close-up, giving a thumbs up. I'm never sure what he's so happy about - perhaps it's because he can jump so high?
Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo's next-gen Switch console is currently set to debut in the second half of 2024, according to a new report.

Development kits for the console have now been passed to third-party developers, VGC states, ahead of its debut next year.

Eurogamer sources also expect a launch window in the latter half of 2024 for the next Switch console, which will remain playable in a handheld configuration.

Nintendo Switch is still going strong, with the recent release of Pikmin 4.Watch on YouTube

VGC's report cites development sources which claim Nintendo is looking to debut its next console with an LCD screen rather than OLED in order to cut costs.

The system will also reportedly continue to read physical media via cartridge.

There are questions, though, about backwards compatibility. Will Switch 2 support Switch games? Here, VGC states that "some" third-party publishers have suggested including the feature could cannibalise their ability to re-sell older games on Nintendo's new hardware.

Nintendo is widely expected to be on the cusp of releasing new hardware, as Switch hardware sales continue to slow.

Switch software sales remain hugely profitable at present, however - and Nintendo recently announced a bumper crop of games which will see the Switch's current hardware generation extended into the first half of next year.

The remainder of 2023 will see the arrival of Super Mario Wonder, Super Mario RPG and a new WarioWare game. 2024, meanwhile, will bring a Princess Peach game and an enhanced version of Luigi's Mansion 2.

But these feel likely arrive before the Switch sees its final summer, and before the year's profitable holiday season. The long-delayed Metroid Prime 4 remains undated.

Eurogamer has contacted Nintendo for comment.

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