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Nintendo releases free demo for Metroid Dread

A Halloween treat.

Nintendo has released a surprise demo for Metroid Dread as a Halloween treat.

The game certainly leans into a sci-fi horror aesthetic; now you can experience a taste of it for free.

The news was shared on Twitter with this very cool looking Metroid pumpkin - anyone else up for carving?

Cover image for YouTube videoMetroid Dread - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

The demo begins at the start of the game as Samus lands on the planet ZDR in search of the X parasite.

Sales of Metroid Dread were strong, with the best first week sales in the UK for the series so far.

This demo release should give the game an extra push after release.

If you do get the game, why not give speedrunning a go? Current times are already under 90 minutes.