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Nintendo Labo lets you see through the Joy-Con's hidden camera

Plus create and program your own Toy-Con.

On the fence about Nintendo Labo? A series of new, in-depth videos released by Nintendo has revealed some of the deeper features available within each cardboard construction set.

For example, the Toy-Con 01 set's RC Car, which lets you see through the Joy-Con's IR camera - the first time we've ever seen the controller component used in this way.

The set's Fishing Rod game lets you cut out and scan in custom fish shapes, again using the IR camera, the cute House game includes a hidden Wii Bowling-style minigame, Motorbike lets you create and customise your own race tracks using motion controls plus scan in terrain maps - again, using the camera.

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Most mysteriously, there's Toy-Con Garage, which you can see from the 3:00 mark below. It allows you to program in your own Nintendo Labo creations and get Joy-Con to interact with your designs:

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Finally, there's the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit, which features various modes and mini-games:

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Nintendo Labo is out on 27th April. We'll hopefully have some hands-on impressions soon.

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