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Nintendo fans find Luigi hiding in Super Mario Bros. 35

Green with envy.

Super Mario Bros. 35, Nintendo's new platforming battle royale, hides a certain green-shirted secret.

Nintendo fans have discovered that Luigi is unlockable in the game - though there's still some disagreement around exactly what you'll need to find him for yourself.

After a day where the game's community worked to try and find out the exact unlock conditions, it now seems like the requirement is that you need to complete every stage in the game at least once. (Earlier reports suggested you also needed a Star Rank level within the game to find Mario's brother - but this does not now seem necessary.)

Once those unlock requirements are met, you'll just need to hold L when loading a match to play as Luigi instead of Mario.

Nintendo has never mentioned the fact Luigi is playable within Super Mario Bros. 35 - though the game is named Bros., plural, after all.

It took 25 years for Nintendo fans to finally find Luigi hiding in Super Mario 64. This time, at least, they got there a lot quicker.

Christian Donlan praised Super Mario Bros. 35 for breathing fresh life into the aging Mario platformer in time for its birthday. He also, of course, compared it to chess.

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