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Nintendo announces Pullblox 3DS eShop release date

Cute Nintendo-made puzzler, plus more DSi, WiiWare.

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Charming first-party puzzler Pullblox arrives on the 3DS eShop this week, Nintendo has announced.

The weekly Thursday update will also contain Game Boy Color platform-shooter Blaster Master: Enemy Below, on the 3DS' Virtual Console.

Pullblox is the latest in a line of original downloadable games for the 3DS made by Nintendo, and follows last month's creature creation oddity Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!

An original Nintendo IP, Pullblox contains over 200 blocky puzzles to solve. Players can also design their puzzles and share them online via QR codes.

There's also a bumper round of DSiWare releases coming this week, including balloon-popping tower defence game Bloons TD 3, expensive hidden object title Christmas Wonderland (£7.20!) plus cheap and cheerful puzzler Crazy Hamster from Gamelion (a more pocket money-friendly £1.80).

Meanwhile, Nintendo's WiiWare service gets Paper Wars Cannon Fodder, an arty tower defence title previously found on PSP.

This Thursday is also the delayed deadline for Nintendo's upcoming 3DS firmware update, which adds new levels for the Mii Plaza's mini-games as well as 3D video recording.

Nintendo eShop update - 08/12/11:

  • Pullblox (3DS) - £5.40, €6
  • Blaster Master Enemy Below (3DS Virtual Console) - £4.50, €5
  • Bloons TD 3 (DSiWare) - £4.50, €5 or 500 DSi Points
  • Christmas Wonderland (DSiWare) - £7.20, €8 or 800 DSi Points
  • Crazy Hamster (DSiWare) - £1.80, €2 or 200 DSi Points
  • Paper Wars Cannon Fodder (WiiWare) - 500 Wii Points

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