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Ninja Theory's Hellblade also confirmed for PC

4K support and modding mooted.

Ninja Theory's upcoming third-person hack-and-slash game Hellblade will also launch for PC, the developer has confirmed.

Details of the PC version, as revealed by PC Gamer, include the possibility of support for PC mods and 4K resolution.

"I think PC offers us a level of freedom that we haven't had before," Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades explained.

"We want to get to the point where we can invite players and fans to add to the game, and do things that are unexpected, and suggest ideas or add-ons that can make the game richer."

Hellblade was first revealed for PlayStation 4 during Sony's Gamescom 2014 press conference.

At the time, Ninja Theory told Eurogamer that the self-published title would be "first to console on PS4", and that it was currently being developed only for Sony's console.

Hellblade is the first major project for Ninja Theory since 2013's DMC Devil May Cry, although its looks and tone are closest to its 2007 cult hit Heavenly Sword.

But don't call it a spiritual successor, "production development ninja" Dominic Matthews explained.

"If we said it was the spiritual successor, there would be an expectation there is a story link or a certain type of gameplay or level design. It's a new IP.

"It's a brand new game. It's brand new characters. It's a brand new world. It's not linked at all. But if you like Heavenly Sword, like Enslaved and like what we did, then the aim is you'll like this, too."

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