Ninja Theory crafts a highly competent action game and a nuanced, powerful exploration of mental health.


Hellblade developer Ninja Theory announces Project: Mara

A grounded representation of mental terror.

Ninja Theory announces Hellblade-inspired scholarship to fund mental health training

To carry out work "showing people the possibility of life beyond diagnosis".

Feature | The road to video game hell

Sightseeing in the abyss.

Hellblade wins big at the Baftas

What Remains of Edith Finch nabs Best Game.

Hellblade leads BAFTA game nominations with nine nods

Horizon and Edith Finch not far behind.

Feature | Eurogamer's games of 2017: The big debate

"I don't know, but it's not Shakira…"

500,000 sales in 3 months: the risk Ninja Theory took with Hellblade paid off

"We're now ready to face the next set of challenges."

Feature | In praise of bad game design

Taking the rough with the smooth.

Hellblade deletes your save file if you die too many times

Frustrating mechanic or inspired design?

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice sets release date and price

It's "half the size of a AAA game, but sold at half the price."

Ninja Theory announces new name for Hellblade

UPDATE: Watch lead actress motion-capturing Senua in real-time.

Ninja Theory revisits Hellblade heroine Senua's face

Expressions and complexity "an order of magnitude higher" than anything studio has done before.

Video | Video: Hellblade has noble ambitions but it also has us worried

UPDATE: Ninja Theory tweets that it has "started Hellblade production afresh".

The Eurogamer Gamescom day two podcast extravaganza

What the blue blazes did Chris, Ian and Bertie see now?

Video | Video: Games that do mental health right

Hellblade isn't the first to tackle this complex topic.

Ninja Theory's Hellblade to tackle mental health, backed by Wellcome Trust

First footage released, historical storyline detailed.

Ninja Theory: Don't call Hellblade Heavenly Sword 2

It's got nothing to do with it, but…

Ninja Theory unveils Hellblade

First to console on PS4. Rekindles memories of Heavenly Sword.