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Nifty device melds PlayStation DualShock controller to your mobile

Who needs a Vita?

The GameKlip in action.

Mobile gaming now offers pocket-sized versions of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Minecraft, but the barrier for many remains a lack of decent analogue controls.

Meet the GameKlip, a product designed to end the curse of the terrible on-screen joystick.

GameKlip allows Android phones to nestle up to a PlayStation 3 DualShock controller. Connected wirelessly, the gadget (and the Sixaxis app) allow you to control mobile games with a proper pad.

Inventor Ryan French is selling the GameKlip via his site, with models to fit most major Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones. It costs $15 (about £9.60, plus £10 shipping to the UK).

Tablet versions are also on the way, as is a version that alternatively fits an Xbox 360 controller.

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