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Nier: Automata receives unofficial PC patch

Fan fixes framerate and resolution.

Nier: Automata's PC port was panned for its performance, among other issues, by our tech experts at Digital Foundry, yet a resilient fan has come through and released their own mod that smooths out many of this version's most central problems.

The mod, created by Steam user Kaldaien, fixes an issue in which the game would display the wrong resolution. In the official release a glitch would cause the 1080p resolution to display at 900p then stretch it to 1080p. This mod fixes that, so you can enjoy Platinum Games' latest opus in all its visual splendor.

Another flaw in the official release was the framerate, which would frequently drop to under 60fps even on very powerful rigs. Kaldaien's mod optimises this too.

According to several commenters on Reddit, the fan-made patch seems to work fairly well.

Installing the mod requires players to switch their game to the "Testing" branch, then, once in game, hit Ctrl+Shift+Backspace to bring up the settings menu. From here, reduce Global Illumination workgroup from 64 to 16.

Hopefully you'll have some luck with it as Nier: Automata is an astonishing game - and one that deserves to be played long after the end credits.

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