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Next week's free Fire Emblem Warriors update adds a 'Disrobe' feature

All-out war.

Fire Emblem Warriors' new 1.2 update, due next Thursday 16th November, introduces (for reasons that are not entirely clear) a new feature that sees certain characters' clothes falling off whenever they get hit.

It's not anywhere near as salacious as it sounds, however; the new feature, known as Disrobe - and seemingly inspired by Fire Emblem Fates' tome spell Disrobing Gale - works in conjunction with the new weapon attribute "Armour Piercer Blow".

As reported by Gematsu, if a character is hit by a weapon with the attribute, their defence and overall resistance lowers, and they enter a state known as "Armour Break". If either of the twin leads Rowan and Lianna are struck while in Armour Break, their outfits will drop off.

The results, as you can see above, are strictly (and remarkably, given Fire Emblem's embrace of fan service) PG - we're certainly not talking Speedo Chrom here. Whether future Warriors' updates will see more characters' armour go flying off into the sun is anyone's guess.

Adding a pleasing degree of balance to the update, Rowan and Lianna will also gain clothes, with each receiving a new, rather spangly armour set. These are respectively known as Gold Prince and Gold Princess, and you can see them below.

Elsewhere, update 1.2 introduces new History map "Hero Contest," which pits Rowan and Lianna against various heroes in an arena setting. Additionally, new Blessings will appear in the temple, it will finally be possible to bulk-sell weapons, and there will be various bug fixes.

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson thoroughly enjoyed Fire Emblem Warriors, awarding it a 'Recommended' badge in his review. "Fire Emblem not only fits Koei Tecmo's structures with unmatched elegance," he said, "its rollover systems enrich and improve the design in a way that, perhaps, could not be bettered by any other crossover, Nintendo-born or otherwise."

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