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Touch Golf trailer

Par excellence?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

With DS title Touch Golf due out in Japan on 10th November and barely a week later on the 18th in Europe, Nintendo's popped a trailer on its Japanese website showing off how the stylus golfing mechanic works.

Touch Golf - or Otona no DS Golf if you like - doesn't work quite the same way as EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour DS title, but you can work that part out for yourself. The ball's trajectory, speed and spin are all a direct reflection of your stylus stroke. Skew your stylus stroke slightly to the left face of the ball and it'll fade; start too far back and it'll go for miles.

It'll be interesting to see how well it all translates given the limited stylus space you'll have to work with and the variance in distance-required. When EA tried a similar thing with the putting in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 on home consoles, using the actual movement of the analog stick to determine strength, it had to compensate by allowing for several bands of shot strength. Does this do the same? Will it encounter the same pitfalls?

We'll find out when it pitches up on 18th November. For the time being, enjoy the video.

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