Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

Key events

1st December 2005

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

8th October 2005

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

23rd September 2004

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

Tiger Woods 06 demo on Live

Try out four holes.

Microsoft and pals continue to round out the array of free demos on Xbox Live Marketplace with stuff from five months ago - adding Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 to a list that last week saw the addition of Amped 3.

EA signs Tiger for six years

As in golfer not giant cat.

Tiger Woods has reportedly signed a deal that will keep him on the front of EA's PGA Tour golf games for another six years.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

Links to the past.

You know, when I sat down to write this review the first time, I started off writing about George Lucas. I was going to spin some silly yarn about how he couldn't possibly have foreseen the damage he was going to do by having Greedo shoot first. About how we should have been thankful, because at least when he sat down in the editing suite, he was doing it for a good reason - yes, he wanted slightly more TIE Fighters in the background and all that, but he was doing it because he wanted Star Wars to appeal to a new generation, and he wasn't pretending it was a whole new film or anything. I mean, who would, right?

But then I realised that wouldn't work, because having Greedo shoot first was an idea clearly designed to heighten our excitement during a tense confrontation. It's an actual creative lick. I couldn't really compare that to the way EA has released virtually the same game every year since Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002, changing the name, the titles and altering the structure slightly and walking off with more of our money. At least George was trying. Tiger Woods 06 isn't creativity; it's a stupid tax. It's not development either; it's editing. Tiger Woods PGA Tour has been "proofed" and "shaped" so much since the 2002 version that the words are actually starting to drift into the game's vernacular.

So here we are, with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, and yes, it is the best Tiger Woods game there is; yes, it has more features and ideas than any of the other Tiger Woods games; yes, it'll probably last you longer than any of the others. But yesterday I pulled out Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 and played that for a couple of hours, and then 2003, and then 2004, and then 2005, and there really isn't much fundamental difference between any of them. There's a reason George hasn't released yearly versions of Star Wars with less Ewoks and Chewbacca walking into the Millennium Falcon ahead of Han Solo and Leia getting sarkier all the time. Would they be slightly better? Who knows? Maybe. But, and it seems ridiculous to even have to say it: NOBODY WOULD BUY THEM.

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