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EA signs Tiger for six years

As in golfer not giant cat.

Tiger Woods has reportedly signed a deal that will keep him on the front of EA's PGA Tour golf games for another six years.

Announced during EA's company earnings report, Gamespot reports financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

EA's made a huge business out of Woods, having first installed him on the front of its PGA Tour series as far back as Tiger Woods 99.

Since then, the series has witnessed the introduction of an analogue control scheme that's become something of a standard for arcade golf sims and helped the games to widespread critical and commercial success.

That said, Tiger's slipped off the pace a bit in gaming terms recently, with home console versions of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 and 2006 criticised for failing to provide anything markedly new over existing titles.

The Xbox 360 version in particular was singled out for offering substantially less content than any of the others.

Tiger himself probably isn't bothered though. If the EA deal doesn't net him a tidy sum - and we bet it does - his golfing probably will; he hit a 66 in the second round of the Dubai Classic this week.