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BloodRayne 2 announced

Have another slash.

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What with it being Halloween and all, Majesco has announced a sequel to Nazi-stomping vampire fest BloodRayne. Developed by Terminal Reality again, the imaginatively titled BloodRayne 2 will be out on PC, PS2 and Xbox in time for next October.

According to Majesco, the vamp content in next year's instalment will be much more impressive. With the Nazis presumably now out of the way, BloodRayne (a "supernatural anti-heroine" borne of a union of human and vampire blood) will be taking on her undead kith and kin in a modern city environment, working tirelessly to sabotage their efforts to survive the sun's rays and feast on flesh in daylight.

The plot will apparently revolve around a new vampire technology called The Shroud, which, when released, will render the sun's rays harmless to vampires, allowing them to carry on their dead father Kagan's neck-sapping work free from their most famous impediment.

In the course of taking on the hordes of vamps, BloodRayne's learnt a bunch of new moves, including rail-sliding, pole-based combat (um, we're guessing she has a big stick or something, although a Spearmint Rhino level wouldn't be so bad), some new melee fighting techniques and some new and gruesome fatalities. Well, it doesn't say they're particularly gruesome, but it wouldn't be much fun if they weren't.

Also added to the overhauled engine are motion-captured animations and "soft-body physics". If Terminal Reality's listening, we hope that means lots of Dusk Till Dawn style weapon improvisation, and not just Buffy's "press Y to stake after kicking and punching for ten seconds" approach.

Majesco is promising a trailer in the near future, which should appear on the newly launched We'll let you know when it does.

As you may recall, BloodRayne was a fun but fairly mundane vampire/nazi slasher which Vivend-Universal Games distributed earlier this year. We kind of liked it, but not too much. Still, the idea obviously caught someone's attention, because apart from the sequel, Majesco also recently inked a deal with Vierte Boll Kino Beteiligungs-GmbH & Co. KG (Boll KG) to make a film of BloodRayne - set to start shooting in 2004.

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