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Scarface PSP details

VU confirms no 360 version.

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Vivendi has outlined plans for the PSP version of Scarface and admitted that the game, based on the iconic 80s film, will not appear on Xbox 360.

As we told you earlier this year, the PSP game, in development at FarSight Studios, is a separate entity to the console versions and adopts a different name. It's due out in October.

While Scarface: The World Is Yours (PS2, Xbox, PC) is set in the aftermath of the screenplay (even resurrecting Tony Montana), "Scarface: Money. Power. Respect." on PSP is more of a strategy title and mirrors events in the film.

According to publisher Vivendi it combines turn-based strategy with real-time combat, and the idea is to complete missions based on scenes from the film to gradually take control of Miami, "turf by turf".

You can also engage in ad hoc four-player multiplayer games, where each player starts off with a share of Miami and tackles adversaries by managing drug production and distribution whilst building up cartel muscle.

Speaking to Eurogamer earlier this year, game designer Jason Bone explained the difference in game styles.

"The console version is about great visuals, and console gamers like to bash buttons and interact with the controller," he told us. "The PSP isn't as good for that; it's got a smaller screen, the button configurations aren't as adaptable."

"The PSP game is going to give you a very different experience. They're just very different markets, and we feel that we've hit them both."

You'll be able to see how they managed in October.

Meanwhile, representatives have confirmed suspicions that the game will not be appearing on Xbox 360. It will, however, make it out on PS2, Xbox and PC this autumn.

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