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Forbidden Siren movie planned

Uwe Boll nowhere to be seen!

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News has emerged that a big screen adaptation of Sony Computer Entertainment's Siren - known as Forbidden Siren over here - is set to hit Japanese cinemas next spring.

Like the PS2 survival horror title, it's set on the fictional island of Yamijama, where all inhabitants are instructed to stay indoors whenever a mysterious siren sounds. A young girl - played by Yui Ichikawa, best known for her role as Chiharu in Ju-on - finds herself caught up in a world of terror as she uncovers the dark secret behind the siren.

The film will be helmed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, who's directed many hit Japanese TV shows including Psychometer Eiji and Trick, and it's been shot entirely in Japan.

Siren was released over there nearly two years ago, and its launch was marked by controversy after adverts for the game scared little kiddies so witless that Sony had to stop showing them. A sequel is currently in development and is down for a Japanese release on February, alongside the film.

Sony has confirmed that Forbidden Siren 2 is getting a European release, and from what we've seen so far it's going to be very, very frightening in a very good way. It's not yet known whether the Siren movie will get a cinematic release over here, but you can almost certainly expect an American remake in about a year or so. Probably starring that lesbian one off The O.C. And Lemar. Or something.

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