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PlayStation gets an Emmy

It's been ten years you know.

Ten years to the day after the original PlayStation went on sale in North America, the console has been awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Technology and Advanced New Media.

The original PlayStation "pioneered the 3D polygonal-based gaming experience," don't you know, and more than 100 million units have now been sold worldwide.

"When the concept for PlayStation was in its infancy in the early 1990s, we had a dream to elevate the quality of computer graphics from a 2D-based environment to a rich, realistic 3D experience," said uberbigwig Ken Kutaragi.

"At the same time, we intended to bring in a new form of entertainment through the living room in a manner that would allow people all over the world to enjoy the pleasures of interactive entertainment.

"Even with this lofty goal in mind, the achievement and market acceptance for PlayStation have exceeded my wildest expectations. We are honoured to be awarded a prestigious Emmy to commemorate the significant role PlayStation played in creating a new computer entertainment world."

The Emmy will be presented at the 57th annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards in New Jersey and Sony US president Kaz Hirai will be on hand to collect it, presumably because the PlayStation has no hands.

We won't be there to say congratulations and wish the PS a happy birthday, unfortunately - but we will be marking ten years of PlayStation by having another look at the old Conquered Worlds ad, which we still think is a fantastic advert and a great tribute to gaming. And much better than that ridiculous Third Place nonsense with the duck and mummy and all that other utter, utter toss. Cheers.