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Tomb Raider on PS3

But not for a while.

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Lara Croft will make her way to PlayStation 3 eventually, but you shouldn't expect to wrap your thumbs around her until July 2007 at the earliest.

Tucked away in Eidos' financial results for the year ended June 2006 was a note that it's planning "new versions of Tomb Raider (including a PS3 version)" for release in as part of its 2008 financial year line-up.

That's because the company's hedging its next-gen bets, and hasn't planned any PS3 releases between now and June 2007.

"This is consistent with our policy to launch titles on a new platform when the platform reaches a commercially viable installed base," it said.

Eidos has been a fairly strong supporter of the rival Xbox 360, with Hitman: Blood Money, Tomb Raider: Legend and Just Cause most recently.

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