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Next-gen Brothers in Arms news

Gearbox CEO spills the beans.

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox, has revealed more of what we can expect from the next-gen instalment in the series.

In an open forum IRC chat, Pitchford hinted at some of the new units and features which might appear in the game: ""We've talked about the 4th infantry. We've talked about some of the German units. We've talked about different theatres and different wars," he said.

"One of the advantages of having Colonel John Antal on our staff full time is that there is never a shortage of information about the biggest, most amazing war stories... There are many, many compelling stories. True stories we want to cover."

Pitchford confirmed that we'll get to find out more about our old friends Sergeant Baker and Sergeant Hartsock in the game, and that it'll take a great leap forwards in terms of the storyline.

"If you play Earned in Blood after Road to Hill 30, you can see a clear step that was taken there. I can tell you that the step we're taking with the next generation is a much, much bigger step.

"Understanding the step from RTH30 to EIB can help you understand the steps we're taking in the future."

So what of actual gameplay changes and the "command ring" system? "The system is really innovative - of course we're pushing it forward in the future!" Pitchford said - adding that they're still working on exactly how it'll be improved.

"We did a prototype where we had the camera up in the sky and a bunch of "plays" would come up... Like John Madden football.

"It sucked." Oh.

As for the multiplayer modes: "The team for BiA 3 is really committed to making the decisions that are best for the users," Pitchford said.

"I think the ubi.com stuff is functional for how we're using it. But our ambitions for the future will probably require some new decisions."

As you might expect, Brothers in Arms 3 is only a working title for the game - they're not revealing the full name at this stage, nor which particular "next-generation platforms" it'll appear on. We'll keep you posted.