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MS cuts 360 Core to £199

First official price cut for next-gen system in effect.

UK retail has confirmed to our sister site GamesIndustry.biz that Microsoft has officially cut the RRP of Xbox 360 Core to GBP 199.99 effective from today.

The readjustment from the previous RRP of GBP 209.99 is the first formal hardware price cut since the system launched across Europe last December.

Many UK vendors had already started selling the lower-spec version of the next-gen system, which lacks a hard drive, for the reduced price, taking a hit on their own margins. The premium system remains at an RRP of GBP 279.99.

Microsoft UK refused to confirm the cut when questioned earlier this week, commenting: "Retail price is set by our retail partners. Retailers are already selling Xbox 360 Core System from £199.99, which we believe is outstanding value to consumers."

However, GI.biz has received confirmation of the reduction today from retailers in the independent, supermarket and High Street entertainment sectors.

"The Core version has dropped by £10 today - they've issued it directly so it's not been driven by retail," a spokesperson for a leading entertainment retailer explained.

Official UK distributor Gem declined to comment and Microsoft remained unavailable at press time.

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