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Doom 3 DM on show in August

Sorry, sorry - DOOM 3.

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id Software will be premiering Doom 3's multiplayer modes to the public at this year's QuakeCon multiplayer event in Dallas, which runs from August 14-17. Attendees at the event will get to participate in four-player deathmatches on a level co-created for the event by id and Splash Damage, the developer previously known for it's work on the standalone Wolfenstein multiplayer game Enemy Territory.

"While everyone knows that DOOM 3 is the most terrifying and scary single player experience ever created, multiplayer delivers the intense competitive action that our fans can count on. It's a natural to debut the DOOM 3 multiplayer experience at QuakeCon," stated the over-confident Todd Hollenshead, id CEO. We expect the general consensus from the event to be 'F**ken awesome. Man.'

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