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Company of Heroes announced

THQ to publish Relic's World War II RTS. Who does that Mr Hitler think he's kidding, anyway.

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Relic Entertainment, creator of the Homeworld series, has announced that it is currently working on a new real-time strategy PC title due for release next year.

Company of Heroes is set during World War II and starts off with you joining the brave chaps of Able Company as they battle it out in Normandy. As the single-player game progresses you get to deck Nazis all over Europe on what's billed as "the most dynamic battlefield ever seen in a game".

THQ will publish the game, which is built on Relic's next-gen Essence Engine and also uses Havok Physics for detailed visuals and realistic effects.

CoH's destructable environment means no battle every plays out quite the same way twice, and advanced squad AI makes for extra responsiveness - soldiers will interact with the environment and work out advanced tactics for sending Jerry packing.

THQ is keeping shtum on details of the multiplayer game - well, careless talk costs lives - but we're promised the game will go on show at this year's E3, so expect more info in May.

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