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Play Bizarre Creations at PGR

2 or 3. Win a black Xbox 360.

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Gareth Wilson and Ben Ward from Bizarre Creations will be online playing Project Gotham Racing 3 on Xbox 360 next Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm GMT, Microsoft's announced, giving you the chance to sock it to the developers.

And, actually, they'll also be trying a bit of Project Gotham Racing 2 on Xbox Live, so if you're still on Xbox 1, having not been able or inclined to get one of Microsoft's new consoles, you can still join in the fun.

Whoever ends up actually playing against Gareth and Ben will also have the chance to try and make it into the "PGR 100" - the special 100-strong elite list of players who will bag themselves a limited edition PGR black-finished X360 console.

It won't just be the winners who make it in either, as Gareth and Ben will be picking their own candidates based on who had the most flair, style and racing finesse during their showdowns.

If you want to take part on 360, just add "PGR 100 1" and "PGR100 2" Gamertags to your Friends list, and if you want to take part on Xbox 1 then add "PGR100 3" and "PGR100 4". After that, just log on and watch out for invites. Once you're in, you can of course chat to Gareth and Ben.

"Ben and I will have to make sure we brush up on our Project Gotham Racing skills so we don't get beaten too badly by the Xbox Live members!" said Gareth, which isn't exactly fighting talk. Hopefully we'll see some better smack talk on the night, such as "How about letting your son drive now?" and "I think that when you are losing it puts 'LAST' in big red letters on the screen - is that right?" and "What car are you driving? I only ask because I can't see unless it's in front of me, and it never is." We've been practicing cannibalised football chants too, like "Yooooooou're-drivin'-'round-in-a-Fiiiiiat-Puuun-to!" and "How wiiiiiiide do you waant the track?" and "Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zarre-Cre-ay-shuns! Ooh! Ahh! I wanna knooo-oooo-ooow where your skillz have gone." [It's alright, he's off next week - tolerant Ed]

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