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Halo 3 multiplayer looking good

Bungie's already testing it.

An update on the Bungie website has revealed that the multiplayer element of Halo 3 is coming along nicely - in fact, they've already started testing it.

"Lars, one of the new(er) multiplayer designers, has a regular multiplayer test in session now - that happens every day - and with surprisingly polished-looking graphics, although I'm told a lot of the textures and decorator objects are just placeholder at the moment. Could have fooled me," the update reads.

And there's good news for those of you who aren't planning to invest in one of those fancy new televisions any time soon - Bungie has been trying out Halo 3 on "old-school 4:3 480i NTSC TV sets, which tells you two things.

"One is that we're making sure this game looks awesome on non-HD sets, and two, that there is always a crazy rush to get to the sets that are HD during those sessions." So good news if you have got a fancy telly too, then.

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