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Yakuza coming to PS2

Courtesy of Uncle Sega.

Sega has announced that hit Japanese brawler Ryu Ga Gotoku is coming to Europe - only it'll have a catchier title.

Yakuza, as it'll be known over here, follows the adventures of one-time gangster Kiryu Kazuma. He's just finished serving ten years for murder and is trying to rebuild his life on the outside, only to find himself caught up in an underworld plot involving a girl called Haruka and a missing stash worth 10 billion yen.

The game uses a specially designed combat system which lets you string combos together, taking out enemies simultaneously or grabbing them and smashing them into pieces of furniture. You can also use any handy objects you find lying about the place as weapons.

The more you fight, the stronger you'll become, and the more your skills and stamina will improve. Plus, your Heat Gauge will fill up, allowing you to pull off some seriously powerful special moves.

It all takes place in Tokyo, and locations will include bustling streets, neon-lit nightclubs and real life shops. There are lots of side missions to complete, plenty of interrogation and bribing to be going on with, and you can even try your hand at gambling for a bit of extra cash.

Yakuza is being produced by legendary Sega producer Toshihiro Nagoshi, who also brought us Super Monkey Ball and Virtua Striker. Novelist Seishu Hase is chipping in, too. The game is slated for a summer release.