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Gears to become a trilogy?

Ad man drops hints.

A Microsoft ad-man looks to have inadvertently confirmed Epic Games' plan for further Gears of War titles.

Speaking to GameDaily about the company's Xbox 360 promotions this Christmas, Microsoft's corporate VP of global marketing, Jeff Bell, says, "The goal of [one particular ad] is to establish Marcus Fenix as the hero of the Gears of War trilogy."

Fenix of course is the front-man in Epic's recently completed Xbox 360 exclusive, which is now on sale in both the US and Europe and has picked up excellent reviews.

"I love the universe and everything involved in it and if the game does amazingly well I wouldn't rule anything out," lead designer Cliff Bleszinski has previously said.

With Microsoft predicting more than one million sales worldwide this Christmas, and the game already the most popular title on Xbox Live (more popular even than Halo 2), it's hard to imagine it'll be viewed as a failure.

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