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Team Kojima doing PSP game

Featuring crazy new gameplay.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hideo Kojima has published a new entry on his blog which reveals that his team at Konami is hard at work on a new PSP title.

It's only in the first stages of planning at present, but it's already been decided that Shinta Nojiri - who directed Metal Gear Acid - will be the man in charge. Kojima will also have some involvement, but he's not quite sure how much yet.

As to what type of game it'll be, Kojima is rather cagey - stating only that it will feature "a completely new system".

Which means they'll be doing a bit of market research "to learn if it'll be accepted [by gamers]", Kojima goes on.

"We'll have to make a prototype and have it play-tested. It'll play with a system that's different from traditional games. That'll be its selling point.

"Will it be accepted, or will it be rejected? We're going to see how it goes."

Hmm, all very intriguing... Could this be a new title that makes use of Metal Gear Acid 2's "Solid Eye" peripheral, perhaps, which lets you view games in 3D? Will it be another instalment in the MGS series, or is it time for something completely different? We'll be keeping a close eye on this one...

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