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Mario Kart DS tracks listed

Tempting to look, isn't it?

Some cheeky chappies on the internet have gotten hold of a complete track listing for Mario Kart DS - everything you can race around in both Retro and Nitro mode - and we've been able to confirm it all using our secret spies, who shall not be named for fear of their jobs.

As we've already seen, it's got stuff like Mario Circuit 1 (SNES), Baby Park (Cube) and, well, lots. But, we're keen not to spoil it all for people who don't want to know, so let's just say there are four cups in each of the Retro and Nitro modes, and you can find the whole list of tracks if you want to elsewhere on the net.

Mario Kart DS is due out in Europe on November 25th, of course, and is the first big game for us lot to access Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection online gaming service, allowing us to race against people in other countries who are probably better than us. Not the countries themselves, although if they can actually park their cars on the STREET there without AUTOMATICALLY BEING FINED then they probably are. Not that we're touchy about it or anything.

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