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Mario Kart drives WFC uptake

Online bit's popular, apparently.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is quite popular, says Nintendo, amazingly - a week after Mario Kart DS launched in the US of States, more than 52,000 unique users had logged on to the service. More probably, if you count the twins and clones.

That's out of some 112,000 people who bought the game during its first week on sale, according to Nintendo's figures. According to Nintendo's maths, around 45 per cent of people went online (we've got 46 and a bit).

Perfectly understandable, of course - Mario Kart DS is a wonderful game, and the Wi-Fi Connection service works remarkably well, as does the "regular" wireless multiplayer.

As you'll know by now, Mario Kart DS is out in Europe this Friday, November 25th, along with the USB dongle (sold separately) for folks who haven't got wireless access at home and want to give the thing a bash through a wired broadband PC connection.

Friday will also see our network of Wi-Fi Connection hotspots turned on - you can find details on where your nearest one is by reading our preview coverage.