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EA acquires Mythic

More MMOs on the way.

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Electronic Arts has signed a deal to acquire Mythic Entertainment, the studio behind Dark Age of Camelot and forthcoming MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The studio will be renamed EA Mythic, and all 175 members of the development team will stay on - as will CEO Mark Jacobs and COO Rob Denton.

"The addition of Mythic to the EA family reflects our deep commitment to the online gaming market worldwide," commented EA studios president Paul Lee.

"Together, we will create games that will introduce MMO players to a whole new level of gameplay and excitement."

Jacobs added: "EA's commitment to the online market as well as its focus on creating games of unsurpassed quality, scope and scale gives us opportunities and resources we could only dream about in the past."

The deal is expected to close during the second quarter of EA's 2007 financial year. The publisher declined to reveal how much money has been coughed up.

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